Google en Tel Aviv por Camenzind Evolution

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Google Israel has opened its spectacular new 8’000 m2 offices in Tel Aviv for their ever growing teams of engineers, sales and marketing. Designed by Swiss Design Team Camenzind Evolution, in collaboration with Israeli Design Teams Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, the new Google office now occupies 8 floors in the prestigious Electra Tower in Central Tel Aviv, with breath taking views across the whole city and the sea.

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Sam’s Creek by Bates Masi Architects

Happy Thursday! Check out this amazing house located in Bridgehampton, New York, USA. We live in a time where smart phones and tablets are in everyone’s hands and multitasking is the normal way of life. Influenced from the client’s multitasking lifestyle, a diverse set of requirements developed for a new home. The clients, one of whom is the owner of a public relations company, requested that multiple activities could take place throughout the house without interruption; a dinner party could take place while simultaneously entertaining a group of children, or guests could come and go without disturbing the rest of the family. These programmatic requests diagrammatically divide the site as well as establish view corridors from front to back. Transparency through the house puts simultaneous activities on display, and provides a setting where guests can see and be seen.

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Strange (but beautiful) Parisian Apartment



The idea of the project was “Light, Rhythm and Harmony”. Paris-based decorator Jean-Louis Deniot designed this apartment on Rue De Lille for himself. After big changes in the planning of the apartment Jean-Louis Deniot decided to take elegant color palette of grey, ochre, gold and silver to give the space charm and refinement. With the smart combination of lacquer and matte surfaces the space got special shining and little bit of glamour.

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Source: Afflante – Jean-Louis Deniot

Brentwood Residence by Jamie Bush & Co.

This amazing modern residence featuring colorful interior and mid century furniture pieces is located in Los Angeles, California. It was designed by Jamie Bush & Co.



















Description by Jamie Bush & Co.

The owners of this home had a taste for mid century pieces, some with pops of colors and some more on the natural side. They have three young children and wanted something playful but also adult enough to grow into as they mature. The focus was on having variations of the theme of a bright pop of color in each room grounded by a more natural palette of materials.

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EHA Family Trust Residence by Ward+Blake Architects


Check out this wonderful house located in Wilson, Wyoming, Us. The project was sited on a low lying wetland that demanded consideration due to a high water table. The solution to this problem was to elevate the house three feet above existing grade and to utilize an insulated slab on grade to avoid the probability of fostering mold growth in a crawl space. The Architectural water features we used to enhance the project while at the same time provided positive drainage.


Additionally, the client wanted to avoid remove any of the mature trees on the site and still capture the view to the mountain range to the north. Careful siting allowed both objectives to be attained. Low energy consumption was a goal and this was attained utilizing an open loop ground source heat pump for both heating and cooling. Indoor temperatures are conserved utilizing R-40 and R-65 wall and roof assemblies.

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Costa Nueva


Arquitectos: SAVVY Studio
Ubicación: San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, Mexico
Año Proyecto: 2010
Fotografías: Cortesía de SAVVY Studio

Análisis — Costa Nueva es un restaurante de comida de mar, fundado por la obsesión de sus propietarios de tener los ingredientes más frescos recién traídos del Pacífico. Su locación exige una presentación impecable, así como una personalidad que represente su oferta gastronómica: una reinterpretación de lo mejor de la costa mexicana y la cocina internacional, a través de una visión fresca y actual.


Conceptualización — Situar la imagen de Costa Nueva dentro de la época progresista y moderna de México de los años 50. Altos valores estéticos derivados del boom artístico que sufrió nuestro país, y que lo situó entre la élite de un panorama mundial caracterizado por grandes músicos, pintores, artistas plásticos y arquitectos. “Tan Lejos y Tan Cerca del Mar” enfatiza la frescura característica de los ingredientes que conforman su oferta gastronómica y del estilo de vida que su ambientación propone.


Identidad — Desarrollo de un lenguaje cordial y relajado, acorde a un pequeño restaurante situado en alguna playa mexicana, en contraste con una imagen visual contemporánea, elementos decorativos de época y un nombre que lo explica todo de una forma fresca y atractiva


Contemporany Russian House

Olga Freyman took a challenge to create an interior for a house which at that moment has looked like a boring concrete box. The owner wasn’t happy with the minimalist approach so he asked Olga to re-think the space and add ‘warmth’ into its interior. Olga decided to add more textures to enrich the interior by adding wood and stone. This resulted into a beautiful house overlooking the forest. Textures played a crucial role in forming comfort and chic interior

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Olga Freyman

Air raid Bunker in Berlin


Conversion and extension of an Air raid Bunker in Berlin for the Collection of contemporary art and living spaces was designed by Realarchitektur for the art collector Christian Boros and his family.

A 5 storey bunker in the centre of Berlin has been refurbished and converted to house the contemporary art collection of Christian Boros. The World War Two building houses approximately 3000m² of exhibition space. Temporary exhibitions in close cooperation with the artists were planned. A 500m² extension at roof level provides living space for the art collector and his family.

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